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Laryngeal papillomatosis — clinical and therapeutic considerations. Source: ORL. Some cases develop important tumoral growth verrucous epithelial lesions in the glottic space and suffer from chronic upper airway obstruction. The management of this condition is challenging due to the recurrent behavior, even with various types of treatments, including surgery with cold laser or microdebrider.

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  • EBSCOhost | | Laryngeal papillomatosis – clinical and therapeutic considerations.

The possibility of malignant turnover must not be underappreciated, especially in some HPV genotypes. The awareness regarding this disease needs to be advocated especially due to the current precise diagnostic tools and the relationship of some HPV genotypes with squamous cell carcinoma of the larynx.

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In most cases, regarding the surgical treatment, we prefer the laser surgery, sometimes performed in stages, in order to diminish the need of tracheostomy. Due to the recurrent nature of the disease, some patients need multiple surgeries, and in some cases even tracheostomy.

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The clinical and therapeutic aspects are presented, including laser CO²vaporization. The postoperative complications can be avoided by rigorous local hygiene and rehabilitation training.

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The surgical treatment is only a part that can be crucial in some cases of the complex management involved in controlling laryngeal papillomatosis. Endolaryngeal laser microsurgery is a useful tool in laryngeal hpv infection the local spread of the disease, with good longterm results.

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