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In his free time, he also loves open-source, photography and running. We are The static analyzer for Kotlin, trusted by millions of developers around the globe, tratamentul negilor uretrei completely built by the open-source community.

Our mission: spotting bugs, anti-patterns, and potential errors in your Kotlin code. Did you know that you can extend detekt with your custom rules? Did you know that we recently launched support for Kotlin Multiplatform? We will walk through the tool, and give you updates on the latest features we shipped and what comes next for the future.

  1. To support the research and development of such solutions, one of the critical aspects is creating machine learning algorithms which provide a deep understanding of the car scene.
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He used to work a Technical Evangelist and was responsible for creating vision transformer pytorch fostering a developer ecosystem. His daily job is working on the complex cloud and on-premise architecture engagements with focus on the Open Source, High Performance Computing and IoT.

Leon has about twenty years of experience in software development, IT security and source-code analysis.

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Leon regularly speaks at IT security conferences. Leon holds a B. Speaker Session Security landscape in the word, Software is everywhere, last breaches What tools and Problema cu tratamentul viermilor security solution vision transformer pytorch there?

During this time he created 2 successful startups, the latest one Green Horse Games being recently acquired by Miniclip.

How to build a successful mobile game Speaker Session About the talk The chances of building a successful mobile game are very slim as most games fail to even reach the market.

Explore in this talk what are the steps to maximize success and a list of tips that will get you closer towards a commercially successful mobile game. Daniel is an active international speaker in the field of.

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Organizer and co-owner of the ApexVox conference. The organizer of community meetings and workshops.

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Trainer with over hours of training in. NET web technologies for more than students. Recently Daniel is the author of a series of articles about. Improve your machine learning model in three essential steps using ML.

In my session I will show you how to improve any ML model quality in three essential steps: By data visualization, using DataFrame and Jupyter Notebook with.

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NET kernel By data analysis, using categorical and numerical distribution, box plot segmentation, and correlation matrix. By model evaluation, using confusion matrix and permutation feature importance. She lives just outside New York City. How do we ensure that our engineers are onboarded and supported to ensure they can continue to do vision transformer pytorch best work as we 2x our team size in a fully distributed remote environment?

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For him deep tech, like blockchain, AI and quantum technology, are more than technologies. They are the core foundation of new digital era and so will create new industrial landscapes. His main focus for is in quantum computing. Working in a deep tech startup: understanding their challenges and specificities Speaker Session About the talk This keynote targets developers and founders as it underlines the specificities of startups developing projects in vision transformer pytorch tech.

At the end of this keynote, you will have a clear view of the needed skills to be a key player of a game changing company. More than 30 Years of global experience in industrial leadership functions.

Feels inspired being a native European and blessed by having had the opportunity to see the world working abroad in many foreign countries. Strongly requesting Failure Tolerance Capability for machine based systems and for human society processes. German Physicist with PhD in Plasmaphysics.

Always struggling with vision transformer pytorch sound of his electric guitar tube amplifiers. The price of cobots will dysbiosis prebiotics the manufacturing industry.

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Here I got tasked to design the architecture and develop containerized cloud components which automatically scale and ensure high availability.

Since the beginning of my career, which started initially as a full stack developer, I got used to research and develop complex software applications, always trying to keep up with latest tools and technologies.

My passion for coding does not usually stop after working hours, sometimes spending nights learning new things. In parallel, I have a full-time job as a father of 2 cats.

From Ground to Cloud Speaker Session About the talk A story about migration of a PBX system to Cloud using Kubernetes and Terraform, providing a scalable solution while maintaining reduced costs and overhead vision transformer pytorch.

AI Text Summarization with Hugging Face Transformers in 4 Lines of Python

He is also a published author and a frequent speaker at international conferences, discussing Java, Kubernetes, Quarkus, Microservices, Cloud Computing, and DevOps. Yanaga believes that everything we do, big or small, matters — and that we can all create a better world for people with better software. And what about production errors caused by an inconsistent state?

Then join the majority of Java developers worldwide that are used to anemic models and excessive mutability in their code.

But luckily, we can solve this problem. Join us in this session to learn how rich domain models, a bit of Domain-Driven Design, immutability, and Effective Vision transformer pytorch practices can save the day of a Pragmatic Java Developer. Java Stage Country Manager Romania, Head of Eastern Europe Studios at Cognizant Softvision x Country Manager Romania, Head of Eastern Europe Studios at Cognizant Softvision About Mihai Constandis Mihai Constandis brings over 20 years of technology experience in the software world, holding various roles ranging from engineering, testing, project and portfolio delivery management, sales, customer management, new business development, and extensive engineering organization scaling and growth.

He joined Cognizant Softvision nine years ago, focusing on delivery while playing an important role in evolving successful engagements with various business partners. InMihai became Vision transformer pytorch of Communities, further developing and strengthening the Cognizant Softvision approach in Romania.

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Mihai currently serves as Head of Eastern Europe Studios and Romania Country Manager, believing that Software Product Engineering is the language of modern business and that work should always be a learning, engaging and positive experience.

Intro Speech.